1. theirfreckledangel:


    Thank you so much for speaking up for Puku. Seriously, you’re a really great person. <3

    You got it. Maybe some other people don’t think so, but Puku’s feelings are definitely important and as soon as I saw her post where, I mean wow, just reading it I could tell she…

    what on earth are you talking about

    are you saying this because people accidentally translated chino’s message instead of re blogging hers?  I get that she’s a mod, but she didn’t write the message, and translating is such a pain in the ass that literally no one would do it for the notes when it has already been done before. Are we supposed to stalk the tag every time we’re trying to make a post just to make sure it hasn’t been done before?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even mad, I’m just really confused. 


  2. Why the new episode is so late



    You have all realized that we have fallen behind in the release of the episodes and we would first of all like to apologize for that. 

    Sallyanne, who worked with me on the scenarios did not come to work at Beemoov for almost one month. 

    Despite several reminders from the entire team and Beemoov, she unfortunately did not send us the work she had done on episode 23 of My Candy Love. The whole team is sincerely sorry to announce that the next episode is going to suffer a significant delay because we have to rewrite the episode from scratch.

    But let’s remain positive!! We have already recruited a new scenarist who will be joining us Monday.

    We are doing all we can to reduce the wait and release new episodes very fast! A new working process will also be set up shortly to get a real consistency in the release of new episodes in the future. 

    Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding. We haven’t forgotten you and lots of surprises and improvements are in store for you very soon  <3”

  3. lewis-art:

    E isso resume meu dia hoje. Meu mangá vol.2 chegou e eu não paro de babar no Lys. 

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  4. mcl-annon:

    Chibi Lysander stand-up! please ignore the hideous background…

    Any possibility that Lysander’s childhood involved addiction to the storybook Le Petit Prince?

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  6. Chino, if you are reading this, I just wanted to let you know that today was my birthday haha not trying to suggest anything lol, it’s not like I’m asking for the next episode as a birthday present haha nop e

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    Transparent Viktor and Lynn for your blog (。◕‿◕。)

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  8. gallowsgambler replied to your post: Halloween is going to come faster than…

    i dont even know i think they all just kinda…gave…up

    oh god

    thats it

    it all makes sense now


  9. Halloween is going to come faster than the next episode


  10. smithy900 said: Do you know if the candy love manga will be translated and if there will be more anime episode or when the next candy love game episode will come out and if there will be a prom episode

    There probably won’t be a prom episode, it’s just a rumor that went on a while ago. The anime was supposed to have more episodes but idk what’s going on with that anymore sorry! And all I know about the manga is that it got translated in Spanish not that long ago so there might be hopes for an English translation in the future

  11. yutancos:

    Hello everyone! I  hope you like my Kentin cosplay <3

    Me as Kentin

    Manga/Game: Amour Sucre

    Photo by Haru.Kah

    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/yutancos

    ((Please do not use the image without permission. Thank you !))

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  13. Send me an English word and I’ll translate it to my native language

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    cdt: mundo amor doce

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  15. chinomiko:

    Chibi prize won by Groseille999 (player on the game amoursucre.com french version ) to celebrate the 80.000fans on my FB page,
    Thanks for being so much to follow me ! <3

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